Best of 2017 : Canadian Singles [Top 17]

Happy 2018!

Here are the Top 17 Canadians Singles of 2017.

1. Boyhood – Drivin’ [While we wait for Bad Mantra to drop. This song makes you want to go driving around]

2. Alvvays – Dreams Tonite [Put on repeat so many times. One of those songs that you are walking down the streets late into the night]

3. Said the Whale – Miscarriage [Such an emotional song! At the 2:10 it is when it hits you in the face!]

4. Tops – Further [The Montreal bands still surprises me with their pop music. This one is no exception to its catchy tune]

5. New Swears – Dance with the Devil [Leading single from “And The Magic of Horse from their Dine Alone Records release. Fun catchy punk rock tune from the Ottawa band.]

6. U.S. Girls – Mad as Hell [Disco U.S. Girls is back! As the title says it all!]

7. Chad VanGaalen – Pine and Clover [Chad is definitely a unique artist. Quirky, twisted and insane an this song is no exception with its lo-fi jangle guitar folky-rock music!]

8. Weaves – Slicked [One of the best tracks on Wide Open. Also the music video is so funny silly!]

9. Fake Palms – Yr Such a Nag [One standout track from Pure Mind. A mix of synth and punk rock and that title just makes you want to nag!]
10. Land of Talk – This Time [After a long hiatus, Elizabeth Powell returns to an emotional rock album.]

11. Blue Hawaii – No One Like You [Great track to dance to from the Montreal duo. Also the first time (if I’m correct) that have been doing some sampling on Tenderness.]

12. Bonnie Doon – Now or Neverish [Great rocking surf song by the Ottawa band! Straight and simple at the getgo by singing out the numbers and scorching guitar riffs!]

13. Homeshake – Every Single Thing [Mellow groovy dance R&B by the Montreal artist. The music video is insane!]

14. Broken Social Scene – Halfway Home [Great return by the Toronto band.]

15. Arcade Fire – Everything Now [I don’t know what to say about them but I just had to put them on the list.]

16. Prairie Cat – Leave a Note [Catchy pop tune by the British Columbia artist. Who doesn’t want to break your radio?]

17. The Elwins – Hey! Ya You [Awesome track with its catchy lyric that makes you want yell it out loud!]

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