Best of 2017: Ottawa Releases [Top 17]

2017 is coming to an end.
With so many lists going around and forgetting who to put down.
I know it is very early but I want to get this done with.
Here are my Top 17 for Ottawa releases which include LPs and EPs in 2017.
Enjoy the list!

No. Albums/EPs
1. Her Harbour - Go Gently Into the Night
(Folk, Singer/Songwriter)

2. Telecomo - For Sale (Garage punk rock)
3. Bonnie Doon - Dooner Nooner (Post-Punk Rock)
4. New Swears - And The Magic of Horses (Punk Rock)
5. Slack Bridges - Joy of Joys (R&B/Soul & Funk)
6. Fet.Nat - Gaoler (Experimental rock & Free Jazz)
7. mal/aimé - Moments (Instrumental chamber pop)
8. The Heavy Medicine Band - Ersatz Era (Psychedelic Neo-Rock Soul)
9. Nightshades - Nightshades (Alternative Rock)
10. Area Resident - Delano (Alternative Rock)
11. Gianna Lauren - Moving Parts (Alternative, Pop)
12. Hard Science - Dreaming in Stereo (Electronica)
13. Mushy Gushy - More Butter (Alternative)
14. H. De Heutz - The Natural World (Experimental Punk Rock)
15. Galapagos -
Potential Space EP (Alternative)
16. No Mistakes in Space - No Mistakes in Space (Post Rock - Dream Pop)
17. Lake Urmia - Wine Time (Alternative)


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