Best of 2018: International Albums [#31 – #40]

Here is part two for the Best of 2018 International albums.
This is the ranking from #31 to #40.

31. Ruler – Winning Star Champion (Seattle, USA)

32. Spesh – Famous World (Seattle, USA) [Best and funniest album cover of 2018. If you like alternative faux UK new-wave]

33. Video Age – Pop Therapy (New Orleans, USA)

34. Sunflower Bean – Twentytwo in Blue (New York, USA)

35. Mount Eerie – Now Only (Anacortes, Washington USA)

36. Brazilian Girls – Let’s Make Love (New York City, USA)

37. Lykke Li – so sad so sexy (Sweden, Europe)

38. Trace Mountains – A Partner To Lean On (New York, USA)

39. Gift Wrap – Losing Count (New York City, USA)

40. Jenn Champion – Single Rider (Seattle, USA)

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