Best of 2019: Canadian Albums [Top 10]

Now it is the time to reveal the Top 10 Canadian albums of 2019.
A little run down, 1 Polaris Music Prize winner, 2 Polaris Music Prize shortlisters, 2 from Ottawa/Hull, 1 album that literally sprung out on December 13th, 1 band said their goodbyes and 6 are solo artist.
Have to say about the #1 album, I couldn’t stop listening to the catchy fun pop dance music.
#2 album on congratulating on winning the Polaris Music Prize for 2019 and a first too!
#3 album was a stellar year for this band when the album was released, unbelievable live shows and some critical acclaim.
#5 album is one solid LP that feels like the end of the world is coming near in a dark experimental post-punk synth-rock music vibe.
#6 album was sad that the band had disband with the release of their third album. Don’t worry some of the members have upcoming new materials in new incarnation.
#10 album was a big year for this mysterious artist who is selling out shows and changing what country music should be while performing in that mask!
1. Carly Rae Jepsen – Dedicated

2. Haviah Mighty – 13th Floor

3. Fet.Nat – Le Mal

4. Pup – Morbid Stuff

5. Scattered Clouds – Take Away Your Summer

6. Mauno – Really, Well

7. Kaytranada – BUBBA

8. Rich Aucoin – Release

9. Emilie Kahn – Outro

10. Orville Peck – Pony

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