Best of 2019: Canadian Albums [#11-#20]

Almost there!
But here is the Best of 2019 – Canadian Albums.
This one is from #11 to #20.
2 local acts on the list.
#11 is someone that will make a splash in 2020 *cross fingers*
#12 album – “Finally” this Ottawa band released their long awaited debut album filled with loud post-punk alterna-90s music!
#13 is a prediction that the album will make it on the Polaris Music Prize Shortlist in 2020. It is one hard heavy hitting album too.
#16 is one of those beautiful sleeper album that is like the Canadian version of Beach House.
#17 got my ears buzzing and was glad they finally released their long awaited debut album.
#19 was the beginning of a trend in listening to ambient, modern classical, atmospheric, experimental and instrumental music thanks to Seattle’s KEXP show called Pacific Notions. That album literally spaced out my mind and ears.
#20 is an album that went unnoticed this year and everyone should listen to the wonderful voice! Thanks to for the revelation.
11. Hua Li 化力 – Dynasty

12. Warp Lines – Human Fresh

13. Whoop-Szo – Warrior Down

14. Steve Adamyk Band – Paradise

15. Patrick Watson – Wave

16. Living Hour – Softer Faces

17. Lungbutter – Honey

18. Blue Hawaii – Open Reduction Internal Fixation

19. Nathan Shubert – When You Take Off Your Shoes

20. Misha Bower – Trying to Have It All

The Top 10 will be revealed on the radio show No Filter (December 30, 2019)

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