Best of 2019 : Ottawa Releases

It’s that time when everyone is making their end of year list.
So I’m starting off with the Ottawa release that came out in 2019.
Why I chose Fet.Nat as my #1 pick?
Has been a big year for them since the release of Le Mal which was shortlisted for the 2019 Polaris Music Prize and put on an insane live show!
It is a mix of albums and EPs in this Top 15, so check it out!

  1. Fet.Nat – Le Mal
  2. New Swears – Night Mirror
  3. Loon Choir – In The Age of Alienation
  4. Steve Adamky Band – Paradise
  5. Scattered Clouds – Take Away Your Summer
  6. Silla & Rise – Galactic Gala
  7. Flying Hórses – Reverie
  8. Warp Lines – Human Fresh
  9. Merganzer – Montage
  10. Area Resident – Viscount
  11. Mushy Gushy – Bodybreak EP
  12. Ornaments – Compassion Fatigue
  13. China Steps (aka Empty Nesters) – Durag Honey
  14. Jonathan Pearce – Systems
  15. Stoby – Stoby EP

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