Best of 2022 : Ottawa/Gatineau Releases

It’s that time of year with the Best of 2022 list.
Kicking off with the Top 10 releases from Ottawa, Gatineau and “613 area code” region musicians and bands.
This includes EPs too and if I have forgotten anyone, please comment on the bottom of the page.
I’ll probably make a part 2/Honourable mentions

TOP 10 Ottawa/Gatineau Releases
1. Boyhood – My Dread

2. Pony Girl – Enny One Wil Love You

3. Keturah (Johnson) – Otherside (Only on Bandcamp for now)

4. Claude Munson – Boxing Day Weekend

5. Jim Bryson – Country Wifi


7. Chris Page – Those Aren’t Stars Above Your Head

8. fanclubwallet -You Have Got To Be Kidding Me

9. chemical club – Pale Blue EP

10. Area Resident – quasar

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