Blue Hawaii – Blooming Summer

Updated review on here.
With the rise of Braids, you should check out Raphaelle’s other project.
Its almost winter time and yes I am slow when it comes to reviewing this lovely EP by Montreal’s Blue Hawaii.
Seasons asides, Arbutus Records who is home to Silly Kissers, Pop Winds and Grimes.
They sure are catering to a unique kind of genre of music in the Montreal music scene.

Blue Hawaii consist of Raph and Agor.
Blooming Summer is eight tracks of beautiful warm tropical paradise.
Lots of vocals, guitars, synths and drum machine.
Blooming Summer transports you to a relaxing day on the beach.
Whenever Raph is on a break with Braids.
Hopefully she and Agor would go back and focus on Blue Hawaii.
We need more relaxing days of the summer sound when winter comes.
Dream Electrixra is so far the outstanding track in the EP.
Blooming Summer is so chillaxing.
Best tracks:

I’d give Blooming Summer 8.5/10.
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