Blue Hawaii – My Bestfriend’s House [Streaming]

Blue Hawaii dropped My Bestfriend’s House EP which is the follow-up to 2020’s Under 1 House EP via Arbutus Records.
A fun House and Euro-Dance EP that gets you dancing.

About the EP:
‘My Bestfriend’s House’ continues the joy of good feelings and togetherness that began with ‘Under 1 House’.
Themes of love and empathy are backed by chugging drums and hypnotic grooves, to enjoy on dance floors and in headphones worldwide. The EP’s first single – “L.O.V.E.” – is a disco-house, free-formed sizzler.
Ra’s vocals are silky and powerful on top of a cheeky pulsing disco beat peppered with guitar and sax.

Reunited in August 2021, Agor and Ra wanted to finish the recording of a darker, downtempo full-length they had started in September of 2020. However, given the energy coming out of lockdown and the coincidental finding of an abandoned Yamaha DX27 synth, the pair decided to put that introspective work on hold and instead whip out a good-vibed follow-up to their last release “Under 1 House”.

The duo headed to a cabin north of Montreal but unfortunately had to return the same night during the year’s worst rainstorm.
The place was in a state of abandon, water running black, a back window smashed in, and an eerie haunted feeling that scared the band into fleeing. This continued to the point of believing a car was following them, their speed increasing to lose what they thought to be a ‘cabin highway chase’.

In effect, the first week of their recording retreat was a disaster and, with both members disturbed and confused, the ensuing four songs came from a rapid-fire series of recording sessions in just over a week’s time. Perhaps it is this condensed time frame that has made this collection of tracks so specifically electric.

For the first time, they collaborated with the radiant songwriter and keyboardist Edwin de Goeij on the tracks “My Bestfriend’s House” and “Danced Into My Life”, who was also the coincidental finder of the illustrious synth. Longtime contributor, the saxophonist Adam Kinner, also graced the recording with his inspired playing on the track “L.O.V.E”.

My Best Friend’s House EP gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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