Bluesfest 2009: Day 8

It was the night of Kiss and it was a crazy day because we all know what kind of band they are.
I didn’t get to cover them because security was so tight.
So I decided to cover some acts that was playing at the same time at Bluesfest.

Just to let people know who is reading this, I didn’t stay for the whole set of each acts because I was running all over the place.
So bare with me if I don’t know the names of the songs.

The show started off with the Arkells playing at the Rogers Stage.
I didn’t hear Oh!, The Boss Is Coming.
But I heard Deadlines and Ballad Of Hugo Chavez.
At least Max the lead singer remembered who I was.
Arkells @ Ottawa Bluesfest
Stopped by the Barney Danson Theatre and checked out local band Anchors.
Great local band to check out live.
Anchors @ Ottawa Bluesfest
After that I went to the Bank Of America stage and caught abit of the Montreal band Beast.
I think it was brave of them to open up for Kiss.
Its good for them get new fans liking their music.
Great experimental/trip-hop band to see live.
Beast @ Ottawa Bluesfest
At the Rogers stage, The National (Not the CBC Evening News) from Brooklyn, New York.
Hearing Matt Berninger sing just gave me chills down my spine.
They are such an amazing band and glad they were in Ottawa to play for Bluesfest.
I wish I got more time to see their set.
The National @ Ottawa BluesfestThe National @ Ottawa Bluesfest
At the Subway Stage, Japandroids finally played in Ottawa.
They were suppose to play in May but one of members fell ill and had to cancel.
At least I got a chance to see how great they are live.
And they were very loud and crazy.
Sad that it was a low turnout due to alot of people waiting to see Kiss play.
But they will be back in the fall to play a proper show.
Japandroids @ Ottawa Bluesfest
At last I decided to hit up the Blacksheep Stage and see K’Naan play.
Surprised with the big turnout for him.
Majority that were in attendance were the teenagers and those not interested in seeing Kiss.
More like played some songs from his Polaris Prize nominated Troubadour
Songs like ABCs, T.I.A., Wavin’ Flag, Somalia (acapella), Fatima and many more.
I had an amazing time and didn’t expect that much hysteria.
Things got wild when he did his encore, the kids decided to jump over the fence and get on the stage with be with K’Naan.
All hell broke loose and the stage people needed security quickly.
It was just insane and all volunteers came over and said that alot of people are getting into fights near the gates just to see K’Naan.
This was the second time where things went crazy. Of course first time being Girl Talk.
But all I have to say that I am a big fan of K’Naan.
A brilliant artist to see live.
K'Naan @ Ottawa Bluesfest
That was my night of Bluesfest.


  1. Alex

    You should have gone to seen the rest of The National. It was absolutely amazing, they closed with Mr. November and pretty much everyone in the front row was screaming along.
    But they got their setlist cut way down because of KISS being pushed up by 45 minutes…everyone was shouting for an encore and The National couldn’t come out. That was pretty sad, I was disappointed with the people in charge of pushing KISS up for that reason. :/

    Anyways, nice coverage. I liked the fact that your quick reviews weren’t particularly elaborate, they got straight to the point.

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