Bluesfest 2010: Day 12

It was the last day of what is considered the largest music festival in Canada.
There were various acts playing the last day at Ottawa Bluesfest.
From local favorites to a big name rock band which had people crowding the big stage on a Sunday night.
These 12 days at Ottawa Bluesfest 2010 was beyond crazy.

The acts that I saw were:

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The first act that I saw was Amos The Transparent.
Ottawa rock darlings did a great set at the Claridge stage.

Trevor Hall was very interesting to see live.
Talented musician and I am thinking he will be big in the future.

Ryan Shaw had that R&B soul feel to it.
Somehow I wondered if the female fans did throw their bra/underwear to him?
I didn’t know he is a Grammy nominated artist.

Slide To Freedom was very unique to see.
They had guitars and tablas which was very unique to see.
There was a great amount of people seeing this set.
Very trippy!

Went over to see Hollerado.
Probably its their third time playing Bluesfest.
They never disappoint live.
Nice to see Menno wearing The Balconies t-shirt.
They had beach balls, confetti and glitter (can’t believe that stuff never gets off you).
They sure know how to get Ottawa started and partying.

Jimmy Cliff was hard to photograph.
That is all I can say since he mostly had his eyes closed on the first song.

The Lost Fingers who I managed to stay for two songs.
Apparently didn’t start on time which was great since I was kind of disappointed with Jimmy Cliff and glad they didn’t start right at 8pm.
I can’t believe they sang “Tainted Love” and Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up”.
They did it in a jazzy blues style.
I was like whoa!

Lastly it was time for Weezer.
I was very surprised that alot of people came to see them.
They are a band that rarely plays in Ottawa and have to see live.
Forgot the name of the first song.
River comes out in a sweater vest.
Everyone goes nuts!!
But I was glad to hear Hash Pipe and Undone (The Sweater Song).
Brings back somewhat memories on how great Weezer were.
It was one of those shows you had to be there.
Great to see Rivers running around the stage.
After the third song.
They did a cover of Metallica, MGMT’s KIDS and Lady Gaga’s Pokerface.
Decided to stay abit. I was glad to hear My Name Is Jonas and El Scorcho.
I missed out Buddy Holly due to being on a Sunday and catching the buses.

A great show to end off Bluesfest 2010.

I would like to thank Ottawa Festivals and Aux.TV for letting me take photos.
Also thanks to the people at Ottawa Bluesfest for making this one of the best summer festivals to have in Ottawa.
Hoping to be there next year.
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