Bluesfest 2010: Day 7

It was a wild hectic Day 7 (July 13) of Ottawa Bluesfest.
Luckily enough the rain was gone when the festival opened its gates at 5pm.
It was a big night since people were anticipating Arcade Fire‘s first big Ottawa outdoor show.
Arcade Fire @ Bluesfest
The acts that I saw were:

Here are the photos

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The Subway stage seem to be hardcore rock central.
Started off with Down With Ashes, Moneen and Alexisonfire.
It was also a first that they got with of the middle barrier fences so people can mosh around.
It was pretty wildly intense and an alternative for those wanting to rock out big time.

Did catch abit of Sarah Harmer.
She looked ravishing with her red jacket.
Before she started Minister of Industry, Tony Clement came up.
There was some jeering from the crowds since they wanted to see Sarah Harmer and less talk time from a politicians.
Surprised that Julie Fader was there playing with Sarah Harmer.
Also I forgot that Kieran Adam who plays in Everything All The Time was drumming too.

After that I headed off to the Barney Danson Theatre.
Hannah Georgas was playing.
She was amazing, she started off with an acapella finger snapping song.
The audience were snapping their fingers with her.
She was brilliant live and packed a full house in the theatre.

Then I ran up to Subway stage to see Alexisonfire.
It was insanity!!
I was glad I didn’t get hurt from someone body surfing, I was chatting up with other photographers.
Brennan from EastScene told me his story of some hardcore show he went.
Some bodysurfer kicked him on his ribs and cracked it.
Glad there was no casualties.

After that the moment came.
I’ve been waiting for so long to see this band live.
I am talking about Arcade Fire.
I have been a big fan of them since I found out about the album Funeral (I picked as the #1 album on my decades list).
They were the band that totally changed my music taste and check out great Canadian indie acts in the process.
They had a great setup.
Their video screen had somewhat of a “suburban” theme and cool camera angles from different members.
It was a dream come true seeing them live.
I was in the photo pit for the first three songs.
Did not get any shots of Regine due her playing drums.
After the three songs I decided to run into the crowds and enjoy the show.
I was happy hearing Neighborhood #2 (Laika), Crown Of Love, No Cars Go, Rebellion and Wake Up.
I guess my life is complete and finally seeing Arcade Fire live.
I found this on Youtube

That was my night!
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