Born Ruffians, Young Rival and PS I Love You @ Mavericks

June 24, 2010 was a spectacular summer sold out show at Mavericks.
Wonderful time seeing all three acts playing.

Nice to see that the Born Ruffians are becoming more popular these days – they totally filled Mavericks!
The majority of the people that attended were female, I guess ratio wise it was guys 30, girls 70.
I didn’t really expect the crowd to go insane, and they didn’t. It was pretty tame in comparison to the crowd last Saturday at NXNE.

The first band to go up was PS I Love You from Kingston.
I finally got to see them play a full set!
It was a fun rocking set, I can see big things happening for them with the release of their full-length album in the fall.
Read the interview that Emily McQuarrie did with Paul the lead singer.

Second on the mic was Young Rival.
They actually did an amazing job attendance-wise compared to their show last month.
The band was really happy about it.
I was happy for them and totally enjoyed their set with the people that filled up Mavericks.
I got to hear Authentic live, which I missed out on last time.

Last to hit the stage was Born Ruffians.
Its been awhile since they’ve played Ottawa.
The set-up was sort of interesting as their drummer, Steve, was set up on the right side of the stage (technically stage left).
Everyone went crazy when they started off their set with “Oh Man,” the first track off of their new album “Say It.”
I found it a bit weird that the crowds didn’t mosh to their music, but mostly stood or danced around.
The band sang mostly songs from their new album “Say It,” although, they did sing a few old tracks from Red, Yellow and Blue including Hedonistic Me, Hummingbird and I Need A Life for the encore.
It was a great set.

Overall the whole show was amazing seeing all three bands without any insanity.
Depsite being a late show, I felt there wasn’t enough stage bantering/interacting with the crowds.
At least play straight forward with their music and they’re all great and together.

For those that missed out Born Ruffians they will be back in Ottawa for Bluesfest on the Pop Life stage in the Byward Market with Tokyo Police Club.

Interviews with 1/2 of the Born Ruffians and 1/3 of Young Rival to be posted shortly.
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