Born At Midnite – *69 [Music Video]

Recently the Montreal duo Born At Midnite which is the project of TOPS‘s David Carriere and Alpen Glow‘s Amery Sandford dropped the music video visualizer for *69 via Arbutus Records.
A bumping retro electro-pop dance tune.

About the track by Born at Midnite:
In an attempt to scrounge some discount sounds from the Born At Midnite Lounge, the two Montreal rockers are calling you back by not pressing pound, but *69.
Employing samplers, tape machines, and an extemporaneous approach to songwriting, *69 sees the duo treading further into their signature brand of unsponsored ‘product-placement-punk’.
More of the same dope shit for your wimpy little ear holes.

*69 gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.