Bran Van 3000 – The Garden

Anyone remember Bran Van 3000? You know their song “Drinkin’ In LA“?
The Garden was dropped on October 19, 2010.

Its hard for a band that is still doing well inside Quebec.
But outside of Quebec and parts of Europe they are still remembered for that song.
They just released their fourth album.
I know some of you are saying “What they are still around?”.
Its fifteen tracks of different spectrum of music genre.
Ranging from orchestral soul pop in Garden Waltz to acoustic pop-rock in Oui Got Now to techno dance hip-hop in the leading single Grace (Love On The Block) to Eurodance in La Dolce Vita.
There is alot of collaborations on this album which will be alot to list down.
James Di Salvio is still the mastermind behind Bran Van 3000.
Listening to the whole album it is great to dance around to.
With a title like that, it is a really beautiful record to listen to.
Some parts felt like I was listening to DJ Champion or Radio Radio.
I haven’t heard the last album Rosé.
I still think Discosis is one of their best and truly underrated they have made. Still love their song “Astounded“.
The band should do alot of promoting outside of Quebec, then they truly be not known as the “Drinkin’ In LA” band.

Best tracks:

  • Garden Waltz
  • [audio:]
  • Oui Got Now
  • Drop Off
  • Grace (Love On The Block)
  • [audio:]

  • Jahrusalem
  • World Party
  • La Dolce Vita
  • Journey
  • Stillness

If I rate this, it would be a 8/10.
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  2. X.G.

    BV300 -one of the best bands EVER! I listen to discosis all the time. Still. BTW, “Rose” was good but not as good as “The Garden”. For those of us who love Bran Van, Drinking in LA” is merely a decent song and definitely not one of their best, no?

    Thanks for the fantastic post!

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