Broken Social Scene – Forgiveness Rock Record [Review]

May 4th will be a big day.
Broken Social Scene releases “Forgiveness Rock Record“.
Its been five years since the band released a full band album.
If you exclude the “Broken Social Scene Presents:” which didn’t had that Broken Social Scene feel.
Its a great welcome back for the band.
This album is filled with great BSS guitar rocking tunes in World Sick, Forced To Love, Meet Me In the Basement and Water In Hell.
There is a change when you listen to All To All which is very techno beats which is not from the norm in BSS.

Art House Director feels like it was a track that was left off from Charles Spearin’s Happiness Project.
Great to hear Emily, Amy and Feist on Sentimental X’s.
Overall its a great album but it won’t compare to their massive successful self-titled and “You Forgot It In People”.
Still love listening to “World Sick” which is one great epic BSS track.
But its great the band has an album out and selling out shows in North America

Best tracks:

  • World Sick
  • Chase Scene
  • Texico Bitches
  • Forced To Love
  • Art House Director
  • Meet Me In The Basement
  • Sentimental X’s
  • Sweetest Kill
  • Water In Hell

Forgiveness Rock Record gets:

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