Bruised Tongue 5th Anniversary Matinee Show [February 16, 2014]

It was the last day for Bruised Tongue‘s 5th anniversary at Gabba Hey.
The acts that played at the matinee show was Crosss, Tropical Dripps and Blue Angel.

Crosss @ Gabba Hey!
Crosss from Halifax/Toronto who was the last band.
They played a intense loud grunge psych-rock music.
At least I finally caught them live!

Tropical Dripps @ Gabba Hey!
Tropical Dripps from Ottawa was the second band.
It was their tape release show.
It was definitely an fun set filled with garage punk surf-rock music.
I still think Kurt should do more singing in The Yips.

Blue Angel @ Gabba Hey!
Blue Angel (members from Roberta Bondar, Boyhood and Organ Eyes) was the first band to play.
It was a great set of indie noise rock music.
Hopefully they will release some music under Bruised Tongue.

A great way to end off the celebration!
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