Bruised Tongue 5th Anniversary Show [February 15, 2014]

Bruised Tongue 5th Anniversary show
It was a big night for Bruised Tongue.
They were celebrating their 5th anniversary at Gabba Hey.
The acts that played were Roberta Bondar, Boyhood, Cousins of Reggae and Self Surgery.
Overall it was a pretty fun show and people came out to show their support for the label.

Roberta Bondar @ Gabba Hey!
Roberta Bondar was the headliner and last act to play that night.
It was the band’s first show since Arboretum Festival last August.
The set was filled with strobe lights and loud experimental rock music.
Great way to end the night.

Boyhood @ Gabba Hey!
Boyhood played second.
It was the first time they used a drum machine since their drummer was unavailable.
It was a great set and audience had a great time.
Cousins of Reggae @ Gabba Hey!
Cousins of Reggae was the second band.
It was definitely a mix of experimental rock and punk music.
Loud and crazy is what I can say and enjoyed!

Self Surgery @ Gabba Hey!
Self Surgery started off the set.
It was definitely a experimental noise and drone music.

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