Bumper – pop songs 2020 [Streaming]

Out today is BUMPER which is a new side project of Japanese Breakfast‘s Michelle Zauner and Crying‘s Ryan Galloway.
They dropped their debut EP called pop songs 2020.
This is a way to pass the time while you are quarantine kind of EP.
By looking at the EP cover and video, I was hoping to get this City Pop/Pacific Breeze vibe but it doesn’t feel that way listening to it.
More of a throwback to 80s dance pop music that just makes you feel happy.

About the EP:
Though Zauner and Galloway live three blocks apart, they haven’t seen each other since the beginning of quarantine. The two started trading tracks in early June, adding layers back and forth over email.
Betwixt synth and sample, track and tune, concocting songs that mix the playful quirks of Cibo Matto with the bombastic power of late 80’s Janet Jackson, BUMPER emerges from the confines of two NY apartments.

pop songs 2020 gets:

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