Caldher – Signal [Listen]

A track that came out on February 24, 2023.
Caldher is a musician from Toronto and is a 2nd-generation Chinese-Canadian musician is a Humber College School of Music graduate who poignantly addresses difficult to discuss topics with a current focus on the societal differences between his traditional Chinese upbringing and Canadian culture and recently dropped the single called Signal.
An alterna-poppy song that has a social commentary and Rufus Wainwright & Ron Sexsmith vibe.

About the track by Calhder:
“Signal is a song which explores the topic of inherent loneliness and how prevalent the feeling can be, even in a time where we can be connected to anyone within an instant.
It revolves around the concept of how we as humans are intrinsically a social species, yet are separated by how society and technology is structured.”

From its stripped down opening with just piano and vocals, “Signal” slowly builds into an expansive, invigorating Alternative-Pop ballad that is impossible to listen to just once.
A personal account of loneliness and how it relates to his traditional Chinese upbringing clashing with Canadian society, Caldher uses both lyrics and music to poignantly communicate feelings of isolation and confusion following a breakup.
Acknowledging that sharing emotions and feelings was a practice he never saw modeled in his traditional Chinese home, “Signal” confesses both the challenge and hesitation the artist experienced when he attempted to reach out to friends for support.
With stunning harmonies, rousing electric guitar, and intoxicating synth lines, “Signal” is both emotional and whimsical and jam-packed with imaginative creativity.

Chronicling a struggle to connect in a society with never-ending digital opportunities to communicate, Caldher’s “Signal” also describes the relatable worry of not wanting to bother people in their busy lives. Nearly three months in the making, the song was musically inspired by the groove of Elliott Smith’s music, and the idea of having two halves of a song blending together.

Signal gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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