Canadian Albums of 2009 Top 10

Finally the time has come to reveal the Top 10 Canadian albums of 2009.
It was a hard decision, hoping you will like this list.

  1. Three (Volume 1, 2, 3) – Joel Plaskett
  2. 2009 was Joel Plaskett’s year just because he released THREE not as just one but three albums in one. How ambitious and epic is that? He has proven to himself and Canada that he can do that.
    Album is a mix of rock and folk with some maritimes sound. Nice that he has his dad, Rose Cousins and Ana Egge on the album too. Best tracks are Through and Through and Through, Let You Down, In The Blue Moonlight, Deny, Deny, Deny, On and On and On.

  3. The Balconies – The Balconies
  4. Some of you maybe surprised on why it is #2? It is an amazing album, full of great pop rock alternative tunes. Best tracks are Lulu, 300 Pages, The Slo, Elephant Lamp, Ghost Fever, Battle Royale, Rest Up

  5. Battles OnThe Ghost Is Dancing
  6. Another surprise that put them in a higher spot. But this album sort of spoke to me when I was feeling down. A great catchy, accessible pop rock album which sometimes Rajiv from Oh No Forest Fires plays live with them. Best tracks are Failed Of A Dream Architect, Battles On, Rogues & Heroes, This Thunder, Stick Together, Strange Times, Flashing Pictures and Without Friends

  7. …And The Ever Expanding UniverseThe Most Serene Republic
  8. This has to be their best album they have put out. Very accessible to listen to and different styles of music. Just say its out of this world. Best tracks are Bubble Reputation, Heavens To Purgatory, Patternicity, Catharsis Boo, Don’t Hold Back, Feel A Little Longer and No One Likes A Nihilist.

  9. Face ControlHandsome Furs
  10. Enjoyed the second album alot and its a step up from Plague Park. Full of great electronica-dance-rock sound. Best tracks are Legal Tender, I’m Confused, Thy Will Be Done, Radio Kaliningrad

  11. FamilyThink About Life
  12. After seeing them live various times. Finally picked up their album and was blown away on how fun this album is. They bring out the party out of everyone. Best tracks are Johanna, Havin’ My Baby, Sweet Sixteen, Young Hearts, The Wizzard, Set You On Fire, Life Of Crime.

  13. Borders – Green Go
  14. This band from Guelph just put out this great electro-pop-rock-dance album. Best tracks are Borders, Put Your Speed On, You Know You Want It, Bang, Watch Your Step and Fool Me Once

  15. BeaconsOhbijou
  16. They finally released their second and its just a lovely indie orchestral pop album to listen to. Best tracks are Wildfires, Black Ice, Cliff Jump, Cannon March, Thunderlove, New Years and We Lovers

  17. Invisible RepublicYoung Galaxy
  18. Their second is a departure from the first which was more of dreamy pop sound. It is more a rock driven album.
    Best tracks are Long Live The Fallen World, Oh Sister, Destroyer, Pathos, Light Years, Queen Drums and Firestruck.

  19. The Happiness Project – Charles Spearin
  20. One of the unique albums of 2009. Where Charles Spearin interview his neighbors and synch the audio with his music. Its a crazy blend of experimental and avant-garde.
    Best tracks are Mrs.Morris, Anna, Vittoria and Vanessa.

Hoped you liked the Top 50 albums of 2009.


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