Caveboy – Obsessed (Bright Light Bright Light Remix) [Listen]

Today, Alternative-pop group Caveboy released “Obsessed” (Bright Light Bright Light Remix).
The Montreal trio teamed up with the Welsh-born, NYC living artist to take a new spin on the track from their debut album called Night in the Park, Kiss in the Dark.

About the remix track:
“Caveboy are my favourite new band and I’m completely in love with their album;” shares Rod Thomas (Bright Light Bright Light).
“As soon as I discovered them we started chatting and as well as getting their gorgeous vocals on my own track it was SUCH a joy to remix a song that I’m LITERALLY obsessed with.
At the start of lockdown, it was such a help having this killer track to work on, and making this remix really lifted me out of a slump and made me feel sassy, ridiculous and free, which I hope it makes everyone else feel while dancing to it!”

Obsessed (Bright Light Bright Light Remix) gets:

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