Basia Bulat – Oh My Darling [Review]

This album has been out for over a year.
It wouldn’t hurt just to give it a review being like a year late or so.
Since this album was short listed for this year’s Polaris Prize (which in my opinion should have won).

For those who don’t know, Basia Bulat is a singer/songwriter from London, Ontario now residing in Toronto.
How I heard of her was mostly due to CBC Radio 1 when I started listening to it last year.
Heard the show Q and they had her on the show as a Friday live music and she sounded amazing.
And it wasn’t until CBC Radio 3 was streaming thru the web that they were playing her music.

January of this year I finally saw her live when she opened up for Hayden.
She was truly amazing live.

On the album, it’s full of catchy tunes which makes you want to sing out loud or clap your hands.
The beginning track Before I Knew, is very simple and catchy.
While some songs have the emotion or make you feel emotional on the songs like Snakes and Ladders, Little One and Why Can’t It Be Mine.
Others that make you go uppity like In The Night and I Was A Daughter.

You got to love how she plays the autoharp.
Can’t think of any artist who could play that instrument.

Basia is a truly talent artist.

Great album to get before she becomes very successful.

Best tracks:

  • Before I Knew
  • I Was A Daughter
  • Snakes & Ladders
  • Little One
  • In The Night


  1. robin

    I agree. She is fabulous—very talented way beyond her years. And I, too saw her live and was blown away by the energy she and her band filled the room with. I look forward to all of her future projects.

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