Caribou – Andorra [Review]

Winner of the 2008 Polaris Prize this week.
I was surprised and glad that Caribou won.
The album came out on August 21, 2007.
It wasn’t until this year that he got alot of attention because of Polaris Prize.
Andorra CD album

Overall the album is very psychedelic electronica.
Has that 60s feel and just makes you want to dance your butt off.
When I saw him in Ottawa, it was a spectacular show.
It is worth it to see him live at shows.
Album is very lyrical and poppy.
Read on a different site with interviews, he said he made this album with a poppy feel.
Favorite tracks on this album are:

  • Melody Day
  • Sandy
  • She’s The One
  • Niobe

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