Laura Barrett – Victory Garden [Review]

Despite going to a underattended show last night in Ottawa.
I finally got to see a whole set of the lovely singer named Laura Barrett.
She is so talented in using this instrument called the Kalimba and with her soft singing voice.
She finally released her full length album called Victory Garden.

Overall the album is amazing.
Not all the tracks are Kalimba based.
For example Spoiler Alert which has that Kate Bush or Tori Amos influence sound.
While Shaper Side has that dramatic string sounds with the piano.

In Victory Garden she is collaborated with Paul Aucoin and the lovely and talent Basia Bulat.
Basia Bulat appears on the track ferryland and great to hear Basia’s autoharp and backing vocals.

Also the album has a hidden track called Victory Mashup.
Its very experimentalish and crazy.

She is definitely and artist to check out live too.

Stand out tracks:

  • Wood Between Worlds
  • chidiya
  • Ferryland
  • The Sharper Side
  • Space Seed

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