Poorfolk – Our Burning Street (Review)

Poorfolk is a band from Ottawa/Montreal.
Fronted by Jonathan Pearce, Scott Freeman on guitar, David Clark on guitar and Matt Godin on drums.
They just released their sophmore album called Our Burning Street on White Whale Records

How I encountered the band the first time was in March where I wanted to see Plants and Animals.
Wasn’t until later where I attended a different show and the lead singer went up to me.
Which is another story to tell about my photographic stuff.

Back to the album.
Overall the album is a rock driven record.
I wasn’t bored or disappointed and being a newbie fan for them.
Haven’t heard what their first album sounds like.
Its one of those albums that makes you headbang to certain tracks like Biometric Test,  Fine For Stealing, Killer On The Loose and Crashing Down The Stairs.

One of a band to actually check out live or buy their album

Best tracks on the album:

  • Biometric Test
  • Killer On The Loose
  • Fine For Stealing
  • Stupid As A Tank

Our Burning Street - Poorfolk


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