CD Review: Sarah McLachlan – Closer: The Best Of Sarah McLachlan

CD album coverSince its time for best of/greatest hits and how record companies want to milk our money for it.
The latest is Sarah McLachlan.
For those who may not remember, Sarah McLachlan is a Canadian singer/songwriter and made alot of albums. During the times of Alanis *when she was angry* we had the opposite which was Sarah who sang lots of nice songs with heavy lyrics.
Big breakthru came with the album Fumbling Towards Ecstacy. 
I remember listening to that album constantly and how my classmates thought I was being too weird listening to that stuff. Heck I love Possession and Hold On.
Her biggest commercial success was Surfacing which was in part due to her extensive touring in the USA and starting the all women festival called Lilith Fair which only ran for 3 years.
Also with hit singles like Adia and Angel (which was used in the movie City Of Angels and various TV shows IE Dawson’s Creek)
Last official studio album she released was Afterglow.
No wait it was the Christmas album she released.

Going on the Best of.
Its all the hit singles packed into one CD.
But since we live in the age of iPods and mp3 walkmans. We don’t need to get it.

But its great hearing in chronlogical order the songs she has released.
The only disappointment is there is 2 versions of Hold On and the radio mix isn’t what I remember hearing with the loud guitar sound.
Both sound exactly the same.
Happy that she has the live version of I Will Remember You and the studio version. I prefer the studio version. 

Nothing includes new songs in this best of album.
They are  U Want Me 2 and Don’t Give Up On Us.
Sounds very A/C like but lyricals are dark and sombre.
I actually like U Want Me 2 and its grown on me now. 

It would be a good album for those who don’t know who she is or for those who still uses a CD walkman and don’t want to switch CDs then its worth it.


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