Geoff Berner – Klezmer Mongrels [Review]

I was stumbling through my e-mail.
Killbeat music sent me a e-mail about this artist named Geoff Berner.

He is a klezmer (whatever that is and lazy to look it up) artist.
Heard the upcoming album Klezmer Mongrels which comes out on January 27, 2008.
He plays the accordian and its a different style of folk that I am not used to.

The album is very unique, fun and interesting.
Album has that European sound to it.
Sings about whatever and telling a interesting story.
Alot of the f-bomb but I didn’t mind it.

Stand out tracks:

  • Shut In 
  • Luck In Exile
  • King Of The Gangsters
  • No Tobacco 
  • Fukher

Interesting album for 2008/2009

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