The Soiree – Minor Details [Review]

Another Ottawa band that I noticed this year and went to their CD Release show in September.
The dictionary defines soiree as a party or reception held in the evening. Sorry to be cheesy with the definition.
They are the Soiree (Soirée, needed to get that french E) and the members are:

  • Matthew Arnold
  • Mike Armstrong
  • Bryce Colenbrander
  • Eric Roberts (No not the actor)
  • Jonathan Pearce (?????)

I was told by Jon of Poorfolk and check out their music and I did.
Never got the CD until this weekend. Thank you Matt!
Felt abit guilty getting the album.
But I should just give them a plug/promo on the new album.
The whole album is filled with indie pop/rock tunes.
There are some soft tunes like Enemies and The Way We Move.
Coast to Coast sounds like it was sung in the Maritimes.
Invited Too reminds me of a tune by some British band which I can’t think of at the moment.
East/Week has that rock and poppy edge to it
Wives In The Night makes me want to do a funny dance, very enjoyable track in the album.
This album is very catchy and enjoyable to listen.
It does has that atmosphere sound to a evening party.

Stand out tracks:

  • Coast to Coast
  • Invited Too
  • Accustomed to Noise
  • East/West
  • The Work That We Do

Its such a great album to listen to.
Be sure to check them out when they play a show.

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