Cedric Noel – Hang Time [Streaming]

Today, Montreal musician Cedric Noel dropped the long awaited full-length album Hang Time via Forward Music Group (Canada) and Joyful Noise Recordings (ROW).
Cedric brings out all the emotions of the highs and lows of life into Hang Time’s blend of ambient folk rock music.
Since most of the songs are old, they are finally see the light of day to Cedric’s artistry as a singer/songwriter.
Late contender to be in the Best of 2021 albums.

About the album:
Hang Time was written primarily in 2017-18 during an intense period of self-reflection and ultimately finds Noel taking ownership of his identity.
While studying, Noel embedded himself in a predominantly white indie rock community that left him feeling, as a Black man, both seen and unseen in complicated ways; both welcome and not.
This strain would follow Noel through a move to Montreal in 2016, where he found himself again moving within predominantly white music communities.

Such (dis)placement encouraged Noel to find respite in Ottawa, holed up temporarily in a family home, studying the various pieces of himself and putting them to place in his mercurial, reflective, expressive and captivating music.

Ultimately, Hang Time helps to grow the heart and expand perceptions, as Noel manages to ask hard questions (both of the listener and himself) in ways that are compassionate, open, and honest.

“In a sense I wrote this record for a teenage version of myself and hope that it reaches those who find themselves in similar situations that I was when writing the album,” says Noel. “I hope that this album can contribute to the reimagination of what is understood as ‘black music’ and help remove the boundaries that term currently encompasses.”

Hang Time gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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