Charlotte Cornfield – Gentle Like the Drugs [Music Video]

Today Charlotte Cornfield dropped the music video for Gentle Like The Drugs.
The third and final single is taken from the upcoming album Could Have Done Anything which comes out this Friday via Next Door Records (CAN), Polyvinyl (USA) and Double Whammy Records (UK/Europe).
A piano intimate and soul baring folk pop tune.

About the track by Charlotte:
“Gentle Like the Drugs” draws on imagery from a spring tour in the American west. “I wrote this song after a particularly special and memorable tour opening for Pedro the Lion in the west of the US. Something strong clicked on that tour, and I was experiencing joy on the road in a way I really hadn’t before, feeling fully present and just revelling in the company of my bandmates and taking in the spectacular landscape in a way that felt like a deep breath.” Cornfield says, “I had never really been to the desert before, to Southern Utah and Arizona, and I was very moved by it. This is a drifting summer song to me, about letting grief and anxiety go and feeling light and buzzed and in love and joyful.”

You can hear it in the patient pleasure of these chords, or the way Cornfield narrates her first impressions of Arizona: ‘I watch the colors get real / the pink and the teal / I see a dust devil / I see an elevator’. Like riding across the desert with your friends; like smoking a joint at the end of a long day; but the song’s alternating verses orient themselves towards another sensation, too: that feeling of being home, and happy, when your lover’s not around. Not because they’re gone, but because you know they will return.

“Gentle Like The Drugs” is presented alongside a transportive video directed by Ali Vanderkruyk. Of the video, Vanderkruyk adds, “The video is a 16mm travelogue following the hand of a wanderer writing postcards to a loved one back home. Each vignette acts as vessel for the lyrics for the song, acknowledging the beauty of home while observing the unfamiliar. We see the kitsch in chosen images for a postcard, as well as the ways one can personalize an object that is available to the masses
Gentle Like the Drugs gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.