Charlotte Cornfield – Partner in Crime [Music Video]

Today, Charlotte Cornfield dropped the music video for Partner in Crime.
The second single is taken from the upcoming album Highs In The Minuses which comes out on October 29, 2021 via Next Door Records in Canada and Polyvinyl in USA and Double Double Whammy in UK/Europe.
A slow burning folk rock vibe tune.

About the track
Partner in Crime is lovingly inspired by Wes Anderson’s 1996 film debut, Bottle Rocket.
“In the ‘Partner in Crime’ music video, Charlotte is reunited with an old friend, and the pair embark on a mission to get the old band back together,” explains Joe Cornfield, the video’s director and Charlotte’s brother.
“In an homage to Bottle Rocket, Charlotte and her band don yellow jumpsuits and take off in a VW bus to execute a daring musical ‘heist.’”

Charlotte adds, “My brother and I grew up watching Wes Anderson movies.
They were a huge part of our childhood and adolescence, and I feel like they’ve seeped into our DNA at this point is the colours, the outfits, the humour.
When I sent Joe this song and he came back with this idea, it was a no-brainer that we’d do it.

He made it all happen: the van, the jumpsuits, the whole thing. Tara Kannangara, Steven Foster and Sam Gleason came with us on the journey and fully embraced the concept.”
The track is a driving song with an earworm chorus that belies the anxiety permeating its lyrics

Partner in Crime gets:

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