Capitol Hill Block Party 2019 [Day 2]

Need to get back to some coverage from Capitol Hill Block Party 2019.
Boy it was a truly insane and unforgettable July 20th!
Highlight was definitely Lizzo!
How I managed to get into some barriers with other photographers (who didn’t get pit access) is beyond me.
I was kind of worried at first if I wasn’t going to enjoy the show since I heard that about 19,000 was in attendance just to see Lizzo!
They probably oversold for that one day and it was bonkers where the main stage was crammed full of people.
What a show Lizzo put on which was fun, crazy, positive and being just yourself!
She did get political when she defended Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar.
Definitely one of the best nights at Block Party. 9/10.
Other acts that I enjoyed:
Honeypot, a Seattle indie alternative pop-punk musician 7/10
Valley Maker a very mellow folk rock and pop set from this Seattle band. 7/10
I Will Keep Your Ghost 7/10
Perry Porter where I stumbled in Neumos and when three people went on stage and painted on the rapper. He even got the audience to start a mosh pit! 8/10.
Wild Powwer, they were awesome with their garage grunge rock music! 8/10.
Spesh was one of the bands I was looking forward, they performed one of two nights this one was at Cha Cha Stage.
A Seattle band that sounds very 90s British new wave alternative pop music. 8/10.
Plastic Picnic is a band that I was told to check out.
From Brooklyn and formerly from Seattle, where they recently dropped their new EP Vistalite.
The band put on a great set of indie synth alternative pop music. 8/10.
Also check out Moon Palace (6/10), OK Sweetheart (7/10), Samurai Del (6/10), Shallou (5/10), Michete (6/10), Tres Leches (7/10), Basins (7/10), Chelsea Cutler (5/10), Houses (6/10), Romaro Franceswa (6/10) and Kassa Overall (6/10).
Sadly I missed out A Tribe Called Red due to being stuck and enjoying Lizzo.
This is what I love about this festival, seeing some great acts who performed in smalled stages might become big down the road.
Check out the photos.

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