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Recoder Cover Art
Reversing Falls is a Montreal band that I really want to checkout in 2011.
Which should have been reviewed in late 2010 but got too busy with the holidays and best of list.

Apparently I was not aware that they are close friends with members of Parlovr and Cotton Mouth and Nightwood.
Due to their debut EP “Recoder” being produced by Martin Horn.
Here is a short blurb on the EP.
Recoder showcases their ability to deliver precision crafted, filler free guitar pop and has garnered comparisons to Pavement and Guided by Voices or a more abrasive Sloan.
The EP is four tracks.
They are about 1-2 minutes.
Listening to it reminded of a mix of Cotton Mouth and Parlovr.
You know that messy pop rock sound.
There is a hint of that 1980s lo-fi British rock sound too.

Check out the tracks:

I’d give the EP 8.5/10
Hopefully they will make a splash in 2011.
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