Chemical Club – Hell In a Heatwave [Music Video]

A band that should have played Side by Side Weekend before fanclubwallet.
The Ottawa duo chemical club dropped the music video for Heat In a Heatwave.
It is the band’s third single taken from their upcoming EP called Pale Blue which comes out on September 23, 2022 via Arts and Crafts.
A cowboy inspired indie pop rock tune.

About the track:
Hell In a Heatwave is an “honest look at who you are and how you can improve upon that,” the band says.
“Actively seeking self improvement and pursuing positive changes over neutrality and repetition.
Leaving unhealthy habits behind and holding yourself accountable for your own actions and behaviors.
Staying comfortable and rejecting positive change is usually the easier option in the short term, but to actively pursue growth is necessary for long term fulfillment.”
The song arrives with a music video directed by Hannah Judge aka fanclubwallett.

Hell In A Heatwave gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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