Chris Reimer – The Chad Tape [Review]

The Chad Tape cover art
Please bear with me and apologize ahead on this review.
If I am not conveying it proper and respect to this great artist that we lost this year.

This past February, Calgary and the Canadian Indie Music scene lost Chris Reimer who was a great talented musician.
Chris played guitar in the band Women and toured with The Dodos.
Women in my opinion came out with the two best albums in recent years for Canadian Indie Music.
Thanks to Chad VanGaalen, Chris’ work as a solo musician can now be heard.
Simply called “The Chad Tape” (Since Chad help produced it) which you can purchase on Bandcamp.
It is nine tracks of experimental instrumental tracks.
Here is a short blurb:
Some time ago Chad VanGaalen approached Chris Reimer of Women offering to reproduce a casette tape of Chris’ solo work.
Chris started work on this but passed away before completing the project.
His closest friends have assembled the songs he intended for the tape, laid it out with Chris’s own writing and artwork and now this tape is available here for you.
All proceeds from this release will benefit the Chris Reimer Legacy Fund, an organization dedicated to providing scholarships for children in music and dance education.

Emotional feelings aside, hearing this album.
I am in awe to how beautiful it sounds.
It’s part ambient and haunting.
Definitely showcases his work as a musician and songwriter.
There is no singing just pure music.
If you aren’t familiar with Chris’ work or the band that he was in.
You shouldn’t definitely check out Women and this album.
I think the proceeds on the album goes to a worthy cause.


  1. Trees Die in Switzerland
  2. Carson Dial
  3. Truck Middle (digital 1)
  4. Stuck/Rvrs/Talentless Hack
  5. Finnish Song (2)
  6. Small Piece for Guitar
  7. Truck Part One
  8. First Cut/TV Water
  9. Overweight Motorcycle Cops

I’d give The Chad Tape 10/10.