Cibo Matto – Hotel Valentine/MFN [Listen]

Cibo Matto’s long awaited third album Hotel Valentine which drops on Valentine’s Day.

Cibo Matto will release their third album in time for Valentine’s Day.
It’s been 15 years since their last effort Stereo ★ Type A.
While it looks like MFN is the leading single.
I think their stand out track is the album title of the same name.
In the press release for the album, Yuka Honda explained:
“‘Hotel Valentine’ was the first song we wrote together for this album. It thus represents the genesis of our concept or story, but in a way it seems that explaining too much would prevent listeners from coming to their own conclusions about each song as well as about the whole project. Yes, there is a ghost girl, a hotel, housekeeping ladies and things happen. But they are elusive in nature.
Having spent some time apart, we became more aware of our magical chemistry, our magnetic bond. We both realized we had unfinished business.”

The song Hotel Valentine has that jazz and influence of Brazilian, African, and Latin sounds.
Have a listen to the song.
Here is MFN feat. Reggie Watts

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