Clare Siobhan – Seek The Sun [Streaming]

Recently the Montreal musician Clare Siobhan dropped the EP called Seek The Sun.
An intimate singer/songwriter folk pop music.

About the EP by Clare:
Seek the Sun is a bit of a kitchen sink ‘life’ record is formed, full of songs for your twenties – or my twenties.
Love, change, fear, joy, hope, bad habits – all these things surround us in our youth, and it’s up to us what we make of them as we age.
These are songs for growing, hoping, loving, worrying, healing…and singing and dancing if it suits you.

Seek the Sun for me, is a mantra: no matter how true the pain and how hard the day, you can always find a spark of joy, even if you have to make it with your own two hands.

Since the recording of the EP, I feel a lot more open to folding in musical ideas from other genres, adding more instrumentation, and I’m more flexible and open-minded in my arranging now that I’ve had the chance to collaborate and make changes in a team setting.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.
I hope that you are able to take these songs into your own life and find personal meaning in my music.