CMW Underground – Fucked Up & Deliluh

I was very fortunate enough during Canadian Music Week 2018 to go to this insane show that took place at an abandon subway station on Bay Street.
A friend was messaging me to go since there was basically not alot of people showing up.
After being lost for like 10 minutes, I finally found the place.
Arrived when Deliluh was beginning.
First time seeing this loud art rock band perform and noticed that Jude (ex-HSY) is in this band.
Really enjoyed that set.
CMW Underground with Fucked Up & Deliluh
Fucked Up has been quiet for about a year or so.
Last time the band was promoting their 2014 album Glass Boys and did some touring in 2015.
What more can you ask for to see Fucked Up?
When I heard that they were playing, I was so desperate to go.
Totally crazy all around!!
Played favourites like Queen of Hearts, I Hate Summer and Police.
Hands down one of my favorite shows at CMW 2018!
CMW Underground with Fucked Up & Deliluh
CMW Underground with Fucked Up & Deliluh

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