Cœur de pirate – Plan à trois [Music Video]

Today, Montreal musician Cœur de pirate dropped a surprising single and music video called Plan à trois via Bravo Musique.
Wasn’t just a month ago that Beatrice dropped her first instrumental album.
This time she is back to her French pop music with Plan à trois that everyone will enjoy.

About the track:
Opening with rising piano chords that immediately seduce the listener, “Plan à trois” features all the distinctive traits that Béatrice is known and loved for. Scathing, yet laid-back lyrics.
A melody that’s much lighter than the message it bears.
On this danceable electro-pop tune, Cœur de pirate showcases her iconic tone of voice, delivering a stinging blow to an unfaithful lover.
“Plan à trois” gives the metaphorical finger to the highly unpleasant feeling of being the third wheel of a wobbly cart—one that isn’t headed anywhere promising, anyway.

With its soft and ethereal tones, the video for the song, produced by Nicholas Robert for Production Moonstruhk, is an ode to turning the tables and making a strong, deliberate break from a highly toxic relationship. The storyline is a classic case of infidelity: lies, mysterious comings and goings, and discovering the presence of a third person in the relationship. A typical scenario we’d all like to be done with for good. Béatrice adds a clever twist to the script by blending into the furniture and becoming the discreet narrator of the protagonist’s deliverance. Supported by two colourful friends, the heroine decides she’s had enough. Discovering her partner’s betrayal proves to be strangely satisfying.

Plan à trois gets:

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