Cola – So Excited [Music Video]

Today the band Cola which is the brainchild from Ought’s Tim Darcy and Ben Stidworthy and drummer Evan Cartwright who is having a busy 2022 with his upcoming solo album has dropped the music video for So Excited.
The leading single is taken from their upcoming debut album Deep In View which comes out on May 20, 2022 via Fire Talk Records (USA/ROW) and Next Door Records (Canada)
A moody post-punk alternative vibe kind of song.

About the track:
Built around Stidworthy’s agile bass playing and Cartwright’s insistent shuffle, “So Excited” conjures a sense of constant motion from minimal building blocks. Meditative but dynamically structured, it was the song around which the beginnings of this new project initially coalesced, as Darcy explains:

“We would talk about this track as the ‘capstone’ of the Cola record. It was that song that we would warm up with and get tight on since it was one of the first to really come together, plus it’s fun to play. There are Cola songs of mine that predate this one but this was the one I was working on when Ben told me he was going to come back from grad school and we talked about jamming together. It clicked when we played it out with Evan and from there we decided to work on songs for a new project.

The first song Tim showed me, I had this special bassline which I had been playing at Ought soundchecks and was saving for the right moment,” Stidworthy adds. “It fit perfectly in the first phrase of the chorus and felt like it was a sign.”

So Excited gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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