Conor Brisard’s Figuring It Out @ Drip House

Attended the opening vernissage at Drip House (Parkdale location) for the debut of Conor Brisard‘s exhibition called Figuring It Out.
Conor Brisard's Figuring It Out @ Drip House
About the exhibition:
The main inspiration and focus from these works are mental health, pop culture, and “the dance between chaos and harmony,” as the artist puts it.
Conor Brisard's Figuring It Out @ Drip House
Conor’s inspirations range anywhere from neo-expressionist painter Jean-Michel Basquiat to Ornette Coleman’s 1959 album “The Shape of Jazz to Come.” His use of colours and textures creates a vibrant visual experience which is original to his raw and energetic style, and is sure to invite viewers to explore the depth of his art.
Conor Brisard's Figuring It Out @ Drip House
Each painting represents a strong range of emotions and vulnerability expressed through the avant-garde work, which becomes a visual exploration of everyday internal struggles. The highs, and lows, and the delicate balance between work and play.

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