Cots – Flowers (Fresh Cut) [Listen]

Today the Montreal-based solo project of composer, singer, and guitarist Steph Yates who goes by Cots dropped the reworking of Flowers has been titled Flowers (Fresh Cut).
The second single is taken from the upcoming EP of the same name which comes out on January 25, 2023 via Boiled Records.
This “Fresh Cut” has more a drumming bounce to the song.

About the track by Steph:
“I have long admired Olivier’s rhythmic sensibility and his knack for moodiness in production, and felt he might be a good match for this set of songs. Working in-studio together was collaborative and experimental: trying things out, trading off instruments, seeing what stuck.”

The new perspective on “Flowers” underscores the depth of Yates’s songwriting throughout Cots’s nascent catalogue. The Guelph, Ontario-bred musician cut her teeth in the local DIY scene, where she learned to be “loud, assertive, and unabashedly scrappy” in outfits like Esther Grey and Cupcake Ductape. A startling evolution of her lush sonic palette, the Moonlit Building EP shows how far Cots’s spare and lovely sound can bend without breaking. The recently released title track, “Moonlit Building,” deepens its somber, mysterious beauty, her off-kilter folk absorbing noir qualities from Fairfield’s accompaniment, her crystalline voice devolving in unison with his gravely baritone, cavernous guitar, and eroding rhythm.

Here is the original version:

Flowers (Fresh Cut) gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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