dad sports – MANY FACES [Music Video]

Ottawa band dad sports dropped the single and music video for MANY FACES.
The third track is taken from their debut EP, I AM JUST A BOY LEAVE ME ALONE !!! which comes out this Friday via Grand Jury Music.
A cool upbeat style indie synth electro-pop tune.

About the track:
“MANY FACES” was first written at a point in time where they felt they had no space to just themselves.
The band felt like they weren’t able to distance themselves from all the things happening around them and take a second to process it all.
The band was obsessed with the idea of isolating themselves from everyone around them in a place where they could hideaway and decompress.
They always spent most of their free time in the bedroom unpacking their own emotions to turn it into music so it makes sense that they always valued having a space where they felt in control and didn’t need to stress out.

They finished writing the song after opening up to their friends about how they felt and realized that a place of comfort doesn’t necessitate isolation, it can also just be a conversation with someone you love and trust where you feel safe to open up.”

The music video for “MANY FACES” was directed by the band and recorded in their hometown of Ottawa, Ontario.
The music video captures the energetic joy, excitement and inherently goofy attitudes that has led to their rabid cult following online.


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