Dan Mangan – Postcards And Daydreaming (Review)

Finally got a chance to listen to this lovely album by Dan Mangan.
I didn’t get to see him play in Ottawa during the summer because it was the same night as The Stills.
So my brother took my place and see him with Said The Whale.

Dan Mangan is a Indie folk rock singer-songwriter from Vancouver, BC.
Here is my review on this album
Listening to Postcards And Daydreaming and I am blown away by the whole album.
Not to compare other artist, he sounds like a mix between Damien Rice and Hayden.
So haunting and lots of raw emotions.
His singing is so moving and got alot of emotion/feelings.
There are some tracks that are very epic in length.

Favorite tracks:

  • Not What You Think It Is
  • Journal Of A Narcoleptic
  • Don’t Listen
  • So Much For Everyone
  • Come Down
  • Reason To Think Aloud

What an amazing album.

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