Daniel, Fred & Julie with Baby Eagle and Jonathan Becker @ Zaphods

It was a incredible intimate night of music at Zaphod Beeblebrox on April 13, 2010.
Playing at the show were:

I’ve never been to a show at Zaphods where everyone was so quiet.
So quiet that you can hear a pin drop.
The audience was very attentive to the show.

The first set was Ottawa’s Jonathan Becker.
It was just him and a guitar.
Played a really a intimate set.

The second set was Baby Eagle.
The band is made up of Steve Lambke of the Constantines, Spencer Burton and Daniel Romano of Attack In Black.
The band played a really great indie folk-rock set.

Lastly it was Daniel, Fred and Julie.
They started off with “The Gambler & the Bride”, it was amazing hearing it.
Loved hearing “I Dreamed Of Jeanie”, “Down By The Weeping Willow” and “Hallelujah, I’m A Bum”.
I was very surprised that each musician did a solo and sang two of their own songs.
Julie sang two new songs and so did Daniel and Fred.
Fred was funny because one song he sang was written in the washroom.
Their set was very captivating and you couldn’t hear the usual people talking that happens at bars/clubs.
They were very brilliant live.
Before the show, I decided to do a short interview them.
It was mostly Dan and Julie who talked the most and Fred did some talking.
Listen to the interview.
Overall it was a amazing and impressive show.
Here are the rest of the photos.
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