Dan Mangan with the NAC Orchestra

Was having high expectation with this concert and boy was I not disappointed.
With so many things happening on Saturday, I decided to go to the NAC and attend Dan Mangan.
This time he was accompanied by the NAC Orchestra.
Just Dan and his guitar and the orchestra behind him (who he really wanted to have them on tour).
The whole set was beautiful and emotional.
Got my choked up when he performed Road Regrets, Kitsch, Basket who he dedicated to Spirit of the West’s John Mann, Fool For Waiting.
Highlight was New Skies which had that dramatic orchestral sound and the fan favorite Robot which was at the encore.
Then he went into the audience to sing So Much For Everyone which was beyond words to mention!
This was literally the best of any of the Canadian artist who has collaborated with the orchestra. 10/10.
Check out the photos from the show.

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