Day 4 of Arboretum Festival 2016

The fourth day of of Arboretum Festival 2016 was not as crazy as the night before but I still had a wonderful time.
Performing at the concert village was Operators, Mykki Blanco, Jef E. Barbara’s Black Space, Junglepussy, Frigs, Doomsquad, H. De Heutz and Kina Nimiwag & Anishinabe Drum Group.

Operators @ Arboretum Festival 2016
Headliner that Saturday night was Operators. Due to Mykki Blanco eating up some of the time. The band had to perform a 30-minute set. At least it was high energetic electro-dance rock show!
Mykki Blanco @ Arboretum Festival 2016
Mykki Blanco delivered a crazy and wild show!
Jef E. Barbara's Black Space @ Arboretum Festival 2016
Jef E. Barbara’s Black Space was the headliner on the Debaser stage. R&B pop music.
Junglepussy @ Arboretum Festival 2016
Junglepussy got everyone dancing!
Frigs @ Arboretum Festival 2016
Newly named Toronto band Frigs performed on the Debaser stage. It’s been awhile that the band has played Ottawa. it was a great way to perform alot of new music and material from the EP Slush. Amazing grungey alternative rock music! Couldn’t be anymore excited!
Doomsquad @ Arboretum Festival 2016
So excited to see Doomsquad since early this year they released their second album Total Time. This time the brother-sister band added twin brothers act North America to back them up on drums and bass or guitar. So glad that they are doing well with their music. At least I got to dance to Solar Ass and Pyramids of Mars.
H. De Heutz @ Arboretum Festival 2016
H. De Heutz started off the show on the Debaser stage.
Kina Nimiwag & Anishinabe Drum Group @ Arboretum Festival 2016
Saturday’s festival began with Kina Nimiwag & Anshinabe Drum Group.
Arboretum Festival 2016
Arboretum Festival 2016

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