Decoration Day – Sadness in Disguise [Listen]

A cool and unique Toronto (with an Ottawa connection) band to check out is Decoration Day.
They dropped their second single called Sadness in Disguise which is taken from the upcoming debut album Makeshift Future.
The album comes out on September 18, 2020.
It is a beautiful tragical and emotional song.

About the song:
“I began writing Sadness in Disguise during a period of depression, and finished it in the midst of deep grief for a loved one dying,” explains multi-instrumentalist Tiffany Wu. “During that time, I found myself intellectually sorting through these complex emotions and measuring my progress within the stages of grief. Since then, I’ve learned that while there is a time for clarity and quantifiability, there is also a time for feelings to simply be felt all the way through. A time to inquire and unmask all the ways sadness presents itself, to trust the process and feel our way forward.”

“Right now,” Tiffany says, “I think we are collectively in a state of deep grieving for the world, so I hope this soundtrack can be a soothing balm in the repetitive, exhausting, courageous, incremental work of change and healing. And just as the two intertwining voices in the song support and sustain each other – may we also continue to take care of one another in these wild, wild times.”

Sadness in Disguise gets:

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