Death From Above, The Beaches and American Lips @ Bronson Centre

This was one wild and exciting show at the Bronson Centre on October 19th.
Hadn’t stepped foot at the venue in awhile so why not go out and see Death From Above 1979.
Also on the bill were American Lips and The Beaches.
American Lips @ Bronson Centre
Starting off the show was American Lips which had Adrian Popov and Sebastien Granger’s side project.
Their music was very garage rock vibe.
The Beaches @ Bronson Centre
The second band was Toronto’s The Beaches performing their indie rock music.
Death From Above @ Bronson Centre
Death From Above @ Bronson Centre
Ending things was Death From Above.
Last time they played was at Bluesfest and it was a riot.
They didn’t disappoint, I hadn’t been that excited since.
Seeing people moshing and crowd surfing (Which you weren’t supposed to) was great to see.
Performing lots of new materials plus their current album Outage! Is Now and The Physical World and You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine.
Definitely a great show!

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